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    A Madea Christmas

    Poster of the movie A Madea Christmas

    A Madea Christmas (2011)

    Run time2h32m
    Directed byTyler Perry
    Written byTyler Perry
    CompanyLions Gate FilmsAllianceAlliance Vivafilm


    The members of the Mansell family--who can be identified without fear of stereotyping as mean mother Lilian (Chandra Currelley-Young), pompous father John (Maurice Lauchner), restless daughter China (Támar Davis), and virginal son Japan (Zuri Craig)--prepare for the holiday feast with the help of their saintly maid Margaret (Cheryl Pepsii Riley) and their mouthy chef Hattie (Patrice Lovely). Eager to impress China's super-rich beau/presumed fiancé Bobby (Shannon Williams), Lilian forces Margaret to work on Christmas instead of celebrating with her family. So China secretly invites the whole disreputable brood: Madea (Tyler Perry), Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis), and grown children Lucy (Alexis Jones), George (Jeffery Lewis), and Eric (Tony Grant). China was once in love with Eric; his reappearance lets her rethink her relationship with Bobby.


    Michael Burton
    Zuri Craig
    Tyler Perry
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    Photo from the movie A Madea Christmas
    Photo from the movie A Madea Christmas

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