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    All the Wild Horses

    Poster of the movie All the Wild Horses
    All the Wild Horses (2017)
    CountriesMongolia, South Africa, United Kingdom
    Run time1h30m
    Directed byIvo Marloh
    Written byIvo Marloh
    CompanyKew Media GroupKew Media GroupKew Media Group
    One review7.0


    Follow international riders from around the world as they compete in the Mongol Derby in Mongolia, the longest and toughest horse race on the planet. Across 700 miles of Mongolian steppe the riders are on their own, navigating from horse station to station where they change horses every 30 miles. They have to deal with dehydration, hypothermia, exhaustion, extreme weather, swollen rivers, attacking dogs and roaming wolves. The riders spend nights out in the wild or with nomad families. To choose a wrong horse at a horse station could get them bucked off, losing their mount in the process, or more serious injuries. Filmmaker Ivo Marloh rides the 1000-kilometer race twice to embed himself in the individual stories and document exactly what compels riders from around the world to risk broken bones, life-threatening injuries, or life savings for the experience of a lifetime.


    George Azarias
    Andrew Challen
    Erik Cooper
    Campbell Costello
    Ben de Rivaz
    Paul de Rivaz
    Jess Dicks
    Peter Dommett
    Donal Fahy
    Katherine Friedley
    Michaela Gradinger
    Will Grant
    Devan Horn
    Monde Kanyana
    Richard Killoran
    Harry Mckerchar
    Heather Mostert
    Kate Owen
    Margaret Pattinson
    Simon Pearse
    Jess Peláez
    Jessica Russell
    Linda Sandvik
    Craig Springate
    Deborah Swann
    Barbara Thielman
    Helen Tiffin
    Sonja Timani
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    Photo from the movie All the Wild Horses

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