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    Chiliheads, fous de piments forts     1h 13min
    2021     Documentary     Canada
    Original lang: French

    A journey as playful as it is evocative, Chiliheads, takes us on the Hot Pepper road to 5 countries: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and India to meet 'chiliheads'; lovers of hot peppers, to discover their culture and the sub-culture that surrounds the consumption of this unique spicy fruit. The film unfolds as a colourful cinematographic investigation; scientific, historical and sociological, recounting the story of man and pepper from their "first encounter" until now. By engaging farmers, producers, chefs, scientists, historians and even psychoanalysts, the film deconstructs the incredible history of hot peppers and our crazy relationship to them. This formidable story then brings us back to our time, where small producers discretely wage a small war, to push the limits, in an attempt to win the title of "strongest pepper in the world".

    So what is this curious love story between man and this forbidden fruit? A twisted tale of love until you burn? This questioning brings us to shed a light on the craziest and most surprising side of human being and of this little fruit that tried to protect itself with a solid self-defense system in order to avoid being eaten, of the relationship: always looking for thrills, always pushing the limits a little further, a little harder, regardless of the cost.

    Directed byJulien Fréchette
    Written byJulien Fréchette
    CompanyFilmoption InternationalFilmoption InternationalFilmoption International


    Araceli Aguilar-Meléndez
    Shane Bernard
    Mathieu Boulanger
    Sharon Chautilal
    Katherine L. Chiou
    Ed Currie
    Dave Dewitt
    Claude Dubé
    Julien Fréchette
    Amana Ram Gehiot
    Dhala Ram Gehiot
    Darren Gillis
    Manuel Rivera Gomez
    Jean-Julien Guyot
    Ivette Guzman
    Wendy Hamilton
    Ruchira Hoon
    Aurora Toledo Martinez
    Brëno Medeiros
    Jim Pfaus
    Troy Primeaux
    Véronique St-Jean
    Gaël St-Jean-Fréchette
    Ysis St-Jean-Lanouette
    Pathmanathan Umaharan




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