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    Chilli Laugh Story

    Cantonese poster of the movie Chilli Laugh Story

    Chilli Laugh Story

    1h 34min
    2022     Comedy     Hong Kong/China
    Original lang: Cantonese, Chinese

    Enterprising college student and music promoter Coba (Edan Lui of Cantopop sensation Mirror) is working from home like everyone else during the pandemic. His situation would be comfortable, if the peace weren't constantly disrupted by the bickering of his eccentric parents (Ronald Cheng and Gigi Leung). After his paying gig suddenly dries up, Coba happens upon an ingenious get-rich-quick scheme that should also distract mom and dad: bottle and sell his mom's insanely tasty old-school chili sauce. But online demand unexpectedly outpaces supply, and the whole family must band together to continue cornering the market.

    Directed byCoba Cheng
    CompanyTrinity Cine AsiaTrinity Cine AsiaTrinity Cine Asia


    Edan Cheuk-On Lui
    Ronald Cheng
    Gigi Leung
    Sandra Kwan Yue Ng
    Angela Yuen


    Photo from the movie Chilli Laugh Story

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