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Don't Panic

CountriesMexico, USA
Run time1h30m
Directed byRubén Galindo Jr.
DON'T PANIC, an English-language Freddy-friendly murder epic that follows familiar formulas, yet somehow -- in its subtly disabled grace -- manages to run completely off the rails of human logic. This is a movie with an awe-inspiring ignorance of its own flaws, which ultimately only contributes to its power. Perhaps it's the fact that the 30-year-old teenage protagonist spends half the film running around wearing brontosaurus-pattern jammies.


Jon Michael Bischof
Gabriela Hassel
Helena Rojo
Jorge Luke
Juan Ignacio Aranda
Eduardo Noriega
Roberto Palazuelos
Raúl Araiza
Edna Bolkan
Evangelina Elizondo

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