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    Downtown 81

    Poster of the movie Downtown 81

    Downtown 81

    1h 13min
    1981     Comedy-drama     USA

    Shot in New York City in late 1980 and early 1981, the film follows Jean through the city's still-untamed streets, incidentally picking up the incredible diversity of cultural activity then happening in NYC, from Jean's street art to early hip-hop to the variety of musicians participating in the so-called "No Wave" avant-garde music scene. As Jean passes through a string of legendary New York venues -- the Rock Lounge, the Peppermint Lounge, and the Mudd Club -- we observe live performances by the likes of Kid Creole and the Coconuts and James White and the Blacks. Down and out, his band's equipment stolen, Jean prepares to bed down for the night in an alleyway before encountering a fairy princess (Debbie Harry) who changes his fortunes, and sends him off to a prosperous future.

    Directed byEdo Bertoglio
    Written byGlenn O'Brien


    Ted Bafaloukos
    Tom Baker
    Eszter Balint
    Jean Michel Basquiat
    Roberta Bayley
    Snooky Bellomo
    Tish Bellomo
    Victor Bockris
    Byron Bowie
    Joe Bowie
    Diane Brill
    Steven Brown
    John Browner
    Clem Burke
    Anne Carlisle
    James Chance
    Ma Chang
    Marshall Chess
    Mickey Clean
    Carol Coleman
    Diego Cortez
    Kid Creole
    Ronnie Cutrone
    Jimmy Destri
    Debi Mazar
    John Lurie
    Arto Lindsay
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