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    Poster of the movie Dwelling
    Run time1h28m
    Directed byKyle Mecca
    Written byKyle Mecca
    CompanySony PicturesSony PicturesSony Pictures


    Dwelling", is a paranormal horror film about a young woman, Ellie (Erin Marie Hogan), who deliberately buys a haunted house in attempt to make contact with the spirit world. Driven by a horrific experience in her past involving her sister, River (Devanny Pinn), Ellie is willing to put herself and family at risk to seek the truth. In doing so, Ellie releases a soul that is more malevolent and terrifying than she could ever imagine. Something dwells in the house called Amara...and it wants to get out.


    Erin Marie Hogan
    Mu-Shaka Benson
    Devanny Pinn
    Abigail Mary
    Bill Brown
    Alexandra Merritt Mathews
    Fattie King
    Josie DiVincenzo
    Makenzy Glover
    Emma Stablewski
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