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    Eight Diagram Pole Fighter

    Poster of the movie Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
    Original lang.Cantonese
    CountryHong Kong
    Run time1h38m
    GenreAction drama
    Directed byChia-Liang Liu
    Written byChia-Liang Liu


    Fu's death was not only tragic because he was such a close friend, but because the role he was playing was one of only two survivors of an ignominious betrayal by a jealous General. Knowing that he had to immortalize Fu's final, unfinished performance, Liu carried on, having co-star Hui Ying-hung step into the action. The finished film is unique in the director's extraordinary filmography for the intensity and power of its emotions and kung-fu. There are heartbreaking references to the tragedy throughout, but the climax is truly unforgettable as the other family survivor, now a Shaolin-trained warrior faces his betrayers amid a pyramid of coffins. What he, and his Shaolin masters, do then has to be seen to be believed....


    Chia-Hui Liu
    Sheng Fu
    Lily Li
    Kara Hui
    Ching-Ching Yeung
    Lung Wei Wang
    Kwok Keung Chan
    Chan-Peng Chang
    Lien-Ping Chang
    Ming-Wei Chen
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