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    Head First

    Poster of the movie Head First
    Tenir tête
    2019     Documentary    
    1h 18min
    Original language: French

    Mathieu, a television director, has a revelation, leaves his family and goes to California. A former rock drummer, Louis, now talks to God and receives "cheques" from Stephen King's publisher in the mail. A young photographer decides to stop taking her meds... All have struggled with bipolar disorder, a still mysterious mental illness. Told partly in the first person, Tenir tête relates personal stories with breathtaking intimacy, full of heartbreaking testimonials. The film visually depicts the excesses of the manic phase, plunging to the heart of the matter in explosive and highly dynamic fashion.

    Directed byMathieu Arsenault
    Written byMathieu Arsenault
    CompanyInformAction FilmsInformAction FilmsFilmoption International


    Mathieu Arsenault
    Louis Parizeau
    Frédérique Ménard-Aubin
    Alix Gagnon
    Sophie Parizeau
    Julien Fréchette
    Alexandre Lachance

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