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    Hustle (2004)

    CountryUnited Kingdom
    GenreCriminal drama
    CompanyAmerican Movie Classics (AMC)American Movie Classics (AMC)American Movie Classics (AMC)


    From the makers of Spooks and acclaimed writer Tony Jordan comes a slick and stylish new drama. An action-packed blend of humour and intrigue, following the fortunes of a gang of expert cons on the loose in London.

    Hustle follows the fortunes of a gang of five expert con artists let loose on the streets of London. They are specialists in the way of the grifter and all are keen to liberate cash from the amoral and undeserving.

    From faking film sets and expensive paintings to double-crossing the duplicitous head of a bank's security system... THE CON IS ON.


    Robert Glenister
    Robert Vaughn
    Adrian Lester
    Ashley Walters
    Orla Brady
    Patrick Bergin
    Stephen Campbell Moore
    Daniel Mays
    Tim McInnerny
    Branka Katic
    Pip Torrens
    Philip Jackson
    Will Yun Lee
    Kenneth Cranham
    Vincent Regan
    David Harewood
    Robert Wagner
    Anna Chancellor
    Vinette Robinson
    Barry Shabaka Henley
    Richard Chamberlain
    Lee Ingleby
    Paul Nicholls
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