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    Imax: Straight Up: Helicopters In Action

    Poster of the movie Imax: Straight Up: Helicopters In Action
    Imax: Straight Up: Helicopters In Action (2003)
    Run time0h42m
    Directed byDavid Douglas
    Written byDavid Douglas, Carl Knutson
    CompanySK FilmsSK FilmsSK Films
    One review9.0


    STRAIGHT UP! showcases the vital roles helicopters play in modern civil and military aviation around the world.

    Helicopters save lives every day. These unique machines pick up injured people off roads, save them from sinking ships, pluck them from burning buildings, and pull them out of raging floods. Rotorcraft, including helicopters and tiltrotors, perform widespread critical public-service operations including search and rescue, law enforcement, resource development, and priority transportation. Millions of people owe their lives to the special capabilities of these aircraft.

    Audiences will travel with helicopter crews as they respond to real-world needs, including a high-voltage live-wire repair, a high-sea rescue, a drug bust, scientific research, endangered species relocation, humanitarian aid, land-and-sea military maneuvers, and more.


    Martin Sheen

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