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    Konchem Ishtamga Konchem Kashtamga

    Konchem Ishtamga Konchem Kashtamga

    2008     Romance     India
    Original lang: Telugu

    Geetha hails from a wealthy, zamindar family. Being the only child, her dad Subramanyam, pampers her thoroughly. She adores her dad very much.Siddu is a flirt and prankster who lives in the city. Though initially Geetha and Siddu hit off on the wrong note, they sort out their differences. Gradually Geetha finds out more about Siddu, and that her first impression about him was not all that he was made of.Its only when Geetha is going back to her village, that they realize they are in love with each other. Geetha takes him to her dad. She is shattered when Subramanyam refuses to give his daughter's hand to a guy like Siddu.

    Directed byKishore


    Tamannaah Bhatia
    Prakash Raj
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