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    McLeod's Daughters

    Started in2001


    Hardship and respect for the land are key at Drovers Run, a vast cattle ranch in the Australian outback that once belonged to Jack McLeod. Now, with his passing, his two daughters are reunited to decide the ranch's future. While Tess initially wants to sell her share, she finds that the land beckons to her. And her sense of optimism is much needed, given that Claire has spent years struggling to keep the ranch financially afloat. These two decide to run it together, with their housekeeper and mother-figure, Meg, her teenage daughter, Jodi, and a local girl, Becky, who is escaping her own troubles in town. Their lives are hard and the obstacles many, but the rewards are every bit as grand as the wild open land they've inherited.


    Aaron Jeffery
    Rachael Carpani
    Brett Tucker
    Matt Passmore
    Rachael Taylor
    Grant Bowler
    Liam Hemsworth
    Anthony Hayes
    Xavier Samuel
    Alycia Debnam-Carey
    Anna Torv
    Sullivan Stapleton
    David Hoflin
    Luke Ford
    Wil Traval
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    Photo from the movie McLeod's Daughters

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