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    Mory Wants a Wife


    Mory Wants a Wife

    Mory Zan Mikhad     42 minutes
    2013     Documentary     Iran
    Original lang: Persian

    A documentary about Mory, a religious man who can't find a wife without a house of his own, and without a wife he has no way to live out his lusts. His work does not pay enough to find an apartment of his own. That's why his first two wives left him. But Morteza is only human. His yearning gets in the way so much that, in conflict with his faith, he sees no other alternative than self-gratification. So: Mory wants a wife. A comic look at a side of Iranian society not often seen.

    Directed byBaktash Abtin
    Written byBaktash Abtin

    © Studio&Distr.

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