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    Remember Me?

    Poster of the movie Remember Me?

    Remember Me?

    Ti ricordi di me?     1h 27min
    2014     Romantic comedy     Italy
    Original lang: Italian

    Sharing the same psychologist, Roberto, a kleptomaniac who writes stories a bit too realistic and scary for kids, and Beatrice, a narcoleptic who documents everything in her life, begin to see that love can be a cure for their ailments. But nothing comes easily to them, and, just like in Roberto's stories, the happy ending really needs to be sought after.

    Directed byRolando Ravello
    Written byEdoardo Maria Falcone, Paolo Genovese, Edoardo Leo


    Ambra Angiolini
    Edoardo Leo
    Paolo Calabresi
    Susy Laude
    Pia Engleberth
    Ennio Fantastichini
    Lorenzo Gioielli
    Mario Bovenzi
    Angelique Cavallari
    Carola Clavarino
    Alessandro Coccoli
    Laura Colombo
    Margherita Cornali
    Erika Di Rienzo
    Caterina Fornaciai
    Daniele Grifoni
    Corinne Jiga
    Ulf Peter Johansson
    Gianmaria Martini
    Giusi Merli
    Rocco Riccardo Montillo
    Danilo Nigrelli
    Manuel Pischedda
    Caterina Silva
    Alice Tognini
    Chiara Vitanza
    Sergio Zecca

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