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    Scott & Bailey

    Poster of the movie Scott & Bailey

    Scott & Bailey

    TV Series     2011     Criminal drama     United Kingdom

    Scott & Bailey follows two British detective constables throughout both their casework and personal lives: Rachel Bailey, an impulsive and sometimes immature young woman, and Janet Scott, an older, wiser, almost motherly figure. The duo investigates the most heinous crimes in Manchester, including rape, torture, missing persons, and the murder of innocents. In the process, however, they also form a unique but close friendship and tackle problems both at crime scenes and in their interpersonal relationships, such as in Janet's troubled marriage and Rachel's unstable romance with a barrister named Nick. Their contrasting personalities and stages in life give both women differing perspectives and approaches to each situation they encounter, but their differences just serve to keep their detective skills sharp and their relationship strong.

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    Suranne Jones
    Lesley Sharp
    Rupert Graves
    Vincent Regan
    Kevin Doyle
    Ken Bones
    Anna Calder-Marshall
    Will Thorp
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