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    If one is separated or divorced, I think " La Tendresse " might speak more directly to you. A separated couple MUST meet after years of being apart, never a word spoken amongst the pair. A family emergency of sorts brings them together. Though this well meaning, spoken in French comedy, delves into a million and one emotions and feelings that are very genuine, I simply could not relate to what was happening on screen. If I had been in such a long term separation from my wife, I would have very little I would want to say or express, even from a light banter point of view. From this angle, I think the film is not very genuine or honest, at least in my opinion! Separated or divorced couples we know want absolutely nothing to do with each other on any level! I teach French at U of T and see all the French films I can. This one didn't cut it for me in any way! Un film qui ne m'a pas donné le moindre plaisir!

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