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    The Angel

    Original titleEngelen
    Original lang.Norwegian / Swedish
    CountriesNorway, Sweden, Finland
    Run time1h37m
    Directed byMargreth Olin
    Written byMargreth Olin


    The Angel is a story about women. About carrying and inheriting Mummy's traumas. When addiction rules all your decisions.

    Lea grows up in a home characterized by lack of protection. From being a cheerful, curious little girl, Lea changes dramatically when her mother Madeleine returns to her ex-boyfriend Ole. The death dance between the two adults harms the child growing up between them.

    Dope enables Lea to hold out everyday life with her family. Then Lea gives birth to her daughter Sonja. She wishes to break with her family and start a new life. She wants to take care of her child and give her the protection she herself never got. But Lea soon realizes that she lacks the ability to do so. Consequently, she has to make an impossible decision.


    Maria Bonnevie
    Gunilla Röör
    Lisa Loven Kongsli
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