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    The Perfect Sleep

    GenreAction thriller
    Directed byJeremy Alter
    Written byAnton Pardoe
    CompanyCinema EpochCinema EpochCinema Epoch


    In a timeless city, a man with no name returns to the violent, brutal domain of assassins he left ten years before -- back when they dubbed him The Mad Monk for his disregard for his own life and his intense devotion to one woman, Porphyria; a beautiful, luminescent woman; the girl he grew up with; the love of his life; the one thing he has ever wanted; the one thing he can never have.

    There is no discernible reason for him to come back to this ruthless city, save one. She still lives here, she is in danger, and he -- a man gifted in the art of killing -- may be the only one who can save her. Waiting for him are deadly men who would like nothing more than to see him die a painful death. Standing at their forefront is the formidable Nikolai, the man who raised him and just might be his father.

    To protect Porphyria, this unnamed man will return to a life of torment and torture. He will face off against the father figure he turned his back on so many years ago. He will revisit this existence full of people imprisoned by their desire, their history, and their very blood; a world where the only thing keeping you from happiness is yourself, the world of The Perfect Sleep.


    Anton Pardoe
    Anthony Dilio
    Pasha D. Lychnikoff
    Patrick Bauchau
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