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    The Possessed

    Poster of the movie The Possessed
    Directed byShawn Anthony
    Written byShawn Anthony

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    A supernatural thriller set in New Orleans; The Possessed focuses on the story of Ruby Blackwood, a stunning, yet sardonic private detective who holds a dark secret. Ruby is a Symbion, a human vessel that has a demon that resides within. With no chance of exorcising the demon inside her, Ruby chooses to unleash Lilith in order to help the church battle the armies of darkness that are taking over the city, but will she become what she has sworn to fight, as she begins to lose more of herself as Lilith emerges. Hell will be raised as this epic battle of good and evil wages in the big easy.


    Bonnie Aarons
    Jason Lively
    Lisa Wilcox
    Ricco Ross
    Billy Blair
    Jessica Felice
    John Wells
    Tamara Glynn
    Alexis Arnold
    David Alex Ruiz
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