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    The Twilight Zone 1985-1989

    Poster of the movie The Twilight Zone 1985-1989

    The Twilight Zone 1985-1989

    TV Series     1985     Fantasy thriller     United Kingdom/Canada/USA

    A collection of tales which range from comic to tragic, but often have a wicked sense of humor and an unexpected twist.



    Robin Ward
    Charles Aidman
    Bruce Willis
    Morgan Freeman
    Joan Allen
    Frances McDormand
    Dan Hedaya
    Gina Gershon
    Giovanni Ribisi
    James Cromwell
    Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Tambor
    Elliott Gould
    Peter Coyote
    Anthony LaPaglia
    Helen Mirren
    Christopher McDonald
    Brent Spiner
    Jim Piddock
    Joe Mantegna
    Tom Skerritt
    M. Emmet Walsh
    Shelley Duvall
    Jenny Agutter
    Janet Leigh
    William Atherton
    Chris Mulkey
    Arliss Howard
    Melinda Dillon
    Charles Martin Smith
    Fred Savage
    Louise Fletcher
    Lin Shaye
    Victor Garber
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