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    The Wild Wild West

    Started in1965
    GenreSci-fi thriller
    One review10


    James West and Artemus Gordon are two agents of President Grant who take their splendidly appointed private train through the west to fight evil. Half science fiction and half western, the Artemus designs a series of interesting gadgets for James that would make Inspector Gadget proud. A light hearted adventure series.


    Robert Conrad
    Ross Martin
    Michael Dunn
    Robert Duvall
    James Gammon
    Leslie Nielsen
    Harry Dean Stanton
    Ray Walston
    Ed Begley
    Katharine Ross
    Robert Loggia
    Wendell Corey
    Ricardo Montalban
    Kevin McCarthy
    Agnes Moorehead
    Boris Karloff
    Jim Backus
    Burgess Meredith
    Nina Foch
    Harvey Korman
    Edward Asner
    Don Rickles
    Keenan Wynn
    Martin Landau
    Victor Buono
    Suzanne Pleshette
    Ida Lupino
    Richard Jaeckel
    Patty McCormack
    Lana Wood
    Leslie Parrish
    William Windom
    Arthur O'Connell
    Jo Van Fleet
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