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    Turning Paige

    Turning Paige (2002)
    Run time1h49m
    Directed byRobert Cuffley
    Written byRobert Cuffley, Jason Long
    2 reviews10


    Things are fine with Paige and her Dad, Ross. Paige, a would-be writer, loves to fictionalize her own life: friends and family become characters, real-life experiences emerge as twisted plots. But things go downhill in a hurry when Trevor, Paige's older brother, arrives unannounced on a cold winter evening. Trevor moves in with the understanding that he won't stir up any trouble, but quickly begins prodding at Paige, egging her on and daring her to react to his increasingly bold taunts. It seems there is an unsettled incident lingering from years ago and Trevor, for one, isn't content for it to fade away into a long forgotten memory. Tempers flare as Ross tries to throw Trevor out of the house. But Trevor won't leave, at least not until the three of them deal with the unpleasant event from their recent past.


    Nicholas Campbell
    Katharine Isabelle
    Brendan Fletcher
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