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Hay River

I Always Wanted
to Be a Gangster


Original title: J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster (French).

2007. 1h57m. Drama directed by Samuel Benchetrit.


In the dusty and decrepit setting of an old cafeteria near a motorway in the Parisian outskirts, the lives of several characters intersect through four gangster stories ... an amateur female thief, whose victim is herself an apprentice hold-up artist, two kidnappers who abduct a suicidal young teenage girl who keeps begging them to kill her and whose father refuses categorically to pay a ransom, a singer suffering creatively block who steals a more productive colleague's latest original compositions and, finally, five seventy year-olds who come out of retirement to relish the joys of robbery at gunpoint once again. As many characters, as many different destinies, though led more by accident and mistake than by grand design. But due to a love affair that links their fates, they finally manage to catch a glimpse of a better future.


Anna MouglalisSuzy - la serveuse
Edouard BaerGino - le braqueur
Jean RochefortJean

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