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Jingle All the Way

Guide for parents: Rated PG in the USA, offensive language.
Run time1h29m
GenreFamily comedy
Directed byBrian Levant
Company20th Century Fox


Howard (Arnold Schwarzenegger) loves his wife, Liz (Rita Wilson), and family; he just can't seem to find enough time for them. His predicament is heightened thanks to his neighbor, Ted (Phil Hartman), the "perfect" father, who even got his kid a reindeer this year. But Howard will make it up to Jamie ... he'll buy him the best Christmas present ever: Turbo Man, the toy on every child's list to Santa, and the hottest action figure of the season. Nothing will keep Howard from finding this one toy for his son.

Little does Howard know that the trek to find Turbo Man will turn into an odyssey wilder than he could have ever imagined. He repeatedly encounters a crazed postman (Sinbad) who's willing to match, step for step, each one of Howard's zany attempts at claiming the doll. He deals with the shady Santa (James Belushi) who dupes Howard into buying a Korean-speaking, headless Turbo Man. And he literally keeps running into the tough-as-nails policeman, Officer Hummell (Robert Conrad). As if he didn't already have enough to handle, Ted is busy making passes at Howard's wife, Liz.


Arnold SchwarzeneggerHoward Langston
SinbadMyron Larabee
Rita WilsonLiz Langston
Jim BelushiMall Santa
Chris ParnellToy Store Sales Clerk
Yeardley SmithWho Flirts with Howie
Curtis ArmstrongChain Smoking Booster

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