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13 Hours in a Warehouse

Total score  8.0


2008. Horror/thriller directed by Dav Kaufman.


13 Hours in a Warehouse is a feature thriller that spins the tale of live hired thieves who after a successful heist, spend the night hiding out in an abandoned warehouse to wait for the buyer to arrive in the morning. Two of them know this warehouse as the place that was once thought to be used by their father as a porn studio. But as they settle themselves in, strange numbers begin to appear everywhere, and as the story progresses, we find that it wasn't porn daddy was filming, and now our thieves have a bigger problem...they are not alone in the warehouse.


Paul Cram
Chars Bonin
Carson Lee
Cody Lyman
Daniel Jay Salmen
Meisha Johnson
Carly McMenoman
Rachel Grubb
Kathryn Vento
Kati Batchelder

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