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Bread and Circuses

Original titleKruha in iger
Original lang.Slovak
Run time1h34m
Directed byKlemen Dvornik


Set in the 1980s, Bread and Circuses follows the Novak family as they become contestants on a television quiz show. The mother and daughter are thrilled to be part of the show while the father and son are skeptical about the experience. As the game gets underway, the family gets caught up in all sorts of strange challenges that involve dressing up as chickens and a run-in with the police. Their host, portrayed by real life game show host Jonas Znidarsic, takes them on a journey that will strengthen the bonds between them in very idiosyncratic and entertaining ways.


Jonas Znidarsic
Peter Musevski
Sasa Pavcek
Jurij Drevensek
Zvezdana Mlakar
Igor Zuzek
Janez Skof
Uros Fürst
Vladimir Vlaskalic
Grega Zorc

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Slovak poster of the movie Bread and Circuses

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