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Our Happy Winners

20.4.2018 · Sarah Delaney

I couldn't get passed that she was dressed like a garage mechanic when she was running a gift store. The unpunished racist cop bothered me, too. Otherwise, I enjoyed the performances.

saas@@ 15.4.2018   reply age: 50+   20 reviews

17.4.2018 ·

I wish I followed the editing better on the first viewing. A little loud, Nolan/Zimmer need to learn how to mix sound. Great film.

takingstock@@ 15.4.2018   reply age: 26-35   100 reviews

10.4.2018 · Shama Ali

A very beautiful movie. Far from the typical movies made these days. V touching. Super acting by the mute heroine. Really touches your heart. Don’t go on expecting anything and you will come out happy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

faithinprayers@@ 23.3.2018   reply age: 50+   53 reviews

3.4.2018 · Leila Salib

Very good film on the true story of the attempted terrorist attack in 2015 on a train in Paris. What's nice is how real the film is, the 3 main actors are the real men who intervened on that train and avoided the worst to happen. Seeing how they grew up and the circumstances that made them who they are, as well as all the little things that made it happen that they were on that train that day, is very interesting and touching. This is a well told story of an event, not a Hollywood action packed movie!

hayanamoi@@ 26.3.2018   reply age: 26-35   30 reviews

20.3.2018 · Diane Scharf

It was a great idea putting in the actual heroes that saved the lives of all those people.

dianescharf1951@@ 2.3.2018   reply age: 50+   6 reviews

13.3.2018 · Jean-Pierre Laliberte

Il y a des films comme celui-là ou il nous est impossible de dire pourquoi nous l’avons autant aimé…. Peut-être à cause de l’histoire simple d’un couple et une rencontre prédestinée. Peut-être aussi à cause de ces deux attachants personnages, un homme simple et une très jolie demoiselle affligée d’une débordante timidité et d’inexpérience. Peut-être aussi à cause de cette petite chanson de Laura Marling qui sournoisement nous envahit…. Et finalement peut-être à cause de cet unique moment intense où tout pouvait chavirer…. Ouf... Plus j'y pense et plus il y a de raisons ;-)

jpflip@@ 6.3.2018   reply age: 50+   2 reviews

9.3.2018 · Rosa Yordan

Very good movie. The decision the star had to make was extremely difficult. It would affect her business and friendships.

theflower@@ 9.3.2018   reply age: 50+   3 reviews

6.3.2018 · Michael Glossop

Another of this years Best Picture nominees, it needs to be seen. Featuring some of the best performances, and writing, this year, I found it thoroughly entertaining. You will see this and leave the theatre discussing what you saw. The characters are as complex as the issues around them. Trying to understand the motivations and changes in each of them is what makes this film special.

mike@@ 4.3.2018   reply age: 50+   16 reviews

2.3.2018 · Mary Russell

Storyline, character development, direction and visual effects plus amazing cast.

marysgarden1937@@ 27.2.2018   reply age: 50+   5 reviews

27.2.2018 · Rita Andersson

Fantastic and very realistic except for the killing part. Frances M was outstanding in her role.

rasheeda@@ 19.2.2018   reply age: 50+   14 reviews

20.2.2018 · Chris Nelson

Movie grabs your attention and is intriguing up to the final act. But, not much of a climax - the ending didn't match the suspense which led up to it. Helen Mirren was her usual great, but I thought Jason Clarke was miscast and his character would've been better with an A-lister. Overall, good time-filler in a weak period for Hollywood.

bufffilmbuff@@ 2.2.2018   reply age: 36-49   65 reviews

6.2.2018 · Daniel Marz

"The Post" is an interesting but far too low key story about the "Pentagon Papers" and both the professional and political issues surrounding their release and publication by a leading American newspaper. I remember living through this story and somehow the incredible excitement and controversy of the time were not successfully translated into this film. The movie should have created the tension and cloak-and-dagger thrills of "All the President's Men" but it failed to do so. However, the acting by all of the major characters was flawless and certainly that alone makes this movie worth seeing.

danielmarz@@ 4.2.2018   reply age: 50+   82 reviews

6.2.2018 · Wojtek Banas

Really slow. Quite uneventful. Has no ending. The actor from the tv series 13 Reasons Why had the same facial expression through the whole movie as in that tv series. I can't recommend.

mister23@@ 4.2.2018   reply age: 36-49   86 reviews

30.1.2018 · Shawn Cruickshank

A decent conclusion to the trilogy. Started out slow but picked up midway through the film. The Death Cure is a slower, more reflective contribution to the story. It deviates from the innovative and intriguing Maze Runner that introduced us to this world. The nemesis of the series is somewhat humanized which is conflicting and unsettling at times. The main characters have grown up and present grittier personas. The plot is simplistic and illogical but funtions as a framework for the story. It's strangely satisfying though and holds its own surprises. Quite enjoyable.

shawn50@@ 27.1.2018   reply age: 50+   263 reviews

26.1.2018 · Eric Strain

Kevin Hart just doesn't make me laugh. This film just wasn't funny at all to me personally. I giggled maybe 3 times. Wasted my money. Just didn't appeal to me.

eric@@ 5.1.2018   reply age: 36-49   58 reviews

23.1.2018 · Fernando Curcione

A masterpiece in its genre, which is a bit of a fusion of sci-fi, comedy, drama which in itself could form a new genre. Christopher Waltz and Hong Chau deliver incredible laughs and very emotional performances. I would suspect that some of the lower ratings for this movie come from a life not fully lived yet or a general unawareness of being alive and all that life is. Go see this film now!

the.riverdale.kid@@ 4.1.2018   reply age: 50+   218 reviews

16.1.2018 · Jean-Pierre Dazé

Je considère ce film comme un excellent documentaire. Je connaissais le patronyme de GETTY mais ne m'étais pas beaucoup intéressé à cette histoire malgré que j'étais dans le jeune vingtaine à cette époque. Les actrices et acteurs sont de très grandes pointures et tous excellents. C'est une histoire triste et tant qu'il y aura des humains sur terre cette histoire se répèteras jusqu'à la fin des temps.

jeanpie22@@ 8.1.2018   reply age: 50+   4 reviews

9.1.2018 · James Edgar

Very good Musical movie with a neat life lesson story performed by an excellent cast!

jedgar@@ 1.1.2018   reply age: 50+   545 reviews

2.1.2018 · Dominic Proctor

I feel that Dunkirk failed on many levels. The most egregious problem was that the movie was boring. For the first half hour I was expecting the action to pick up. By then I realized that it never would. I also did not like Nolan's use of intersecting, but different story durations. While Nolan has used creative views of time to great success before, here I felt it accomplished nothing other than allowing the movie to move back and forth between the tangential stories. Finally, I do not think the movie captured the magnitude of the accomplishment achieved at Dunkirk. In this age of CGI it is very possible to create the image of all those soldiers and the civilian ships that were required to rescue them. If the movie did not explicitly state how many people were saved I would have left with the impression that it was a few hundred soldiers.

dominic@@ 1.1.2018   reply age: 50+   409 reviews

26.12.2017 · Mel Brown

Veteran actress Frances McDormand once again throws her bonnet in the ring for the upcoming Oscars. Four times nominated and a winner with FARGO, Ms. McDormand gives an over-the-top portrayal of an embittered housewife whose world has collapsed around her. Set in a bucolic town in Missouri (actually filmed in North Dakota), the film peels away layers of anger and mistrust fomenting in some of its citizens. Woody Harrelson exhibits all the qualities you don't expect from a small town lawman and Sam Rockwell, as a bigoted momma's boy with a gun and badge, may be the most compelling character of all. Beautifully filmed and ably acted, director Martin McDonagh shows us many twists and turns in the lives and thoughts of these small town inhabitants. He does not, however, draw any conclusions from the random and contradictory actions portrayed on-screen. That part is left to the viewers.

maverick@@ 11.12.2017   reply age: 50+   417 reviews

22.12.2017 · Mimi Waters

I didn't want to give up the 10 but I had to. This movie is beautiful. It's not for everyone and many will disagree. It is a work of art, a true masterpiece. Go see it, suspend everything you think you know and let it overtake you. You will not be sorry. Bravo!!!

bloopbymimi.com@@ 6.12.2017   reply age: 36-49   16 reviews

19.12.2017 · Angus Stewart

Lighting and everything was cool. But it was like listening to a married couple or a couple of relatives arguing for 90 minutes. Blue Jasmine had some funny moments and was fast moving. The script of Wonder Wheel was pretty depressing.

movieguy@@ 11.12.2017   reply age: 36-49   252 reviews

12.12.2017 · Michael Tawton

'Lady Bird' radiates an innocence and sincerity as pure as a mother's love. An Intimate, energizing and precious elixir vitae.

michaelprops@@ 25.11.2017   reply age: 50+   253 reviews

5.12.2017 · Darrell Simpson

Outstanding movie. Great character development and one that just flew by. Like they eluded to multiple times in the show... the real heros are those Fire Fighters that risk their lives every day to save other people and their properties!

drs@@ 30.11.2017   reply age: 50+   386 reviews

28.11.2017 · Lietha Wards

While I love Thor, I was really disappointed that Jane wasn't in the script. Also, the fact that Thor's character seemed a little off. He was... ahem... less invincible, or 'tough' as he usually was. The CGI was excellent as usual, but the story fell a little short for me.

lward@@ 15.11.2017   reply age: 36-49   125 reviews

21.11.2017 · Impi Sood

A Secret Superstar is born on Youtube because her father is abusive and disapproves of women, girls, singing... anything actually. The movie highlights all these issues. Aamir plays a singer and plays it the way only Aamir can. Only the movie is too long and the story is heavy. So it would have been better for it to be shorter. Secret Superstar and her mother match Aamir in acting. Beautiful performances all around.

impi@@ 7.11.2017   reply age: 36-49   182 reviews

7.11.2017 · Mike Whalen

We generally enjoy all films connected with the Coen brothers so we thought we would ignore the critics. You can see bits of their style in this movie which made it decent. Acting is pretty solid throughout (especially Damon), story is OK but takes a while to get going. I liked the ending as it seemed kind of poetic.

oldfilmbuff@@ 2.11.2017   reply age: 50+   318 reviews

31.10.2017 · Shane Connors

Well paced and very emotional look at the toll that fame took on young Christopher Robin. Also a great family drama looking at the escapism that AA Milne and his wife indulged in partly to help him deal with his PTSD.

swimbuns@@ 14.10.2017   reply age: 50+   264 reviews

27.10.2017 · Chris Murray

I loved this movie. Kevin Sorbo did a good job as a militant atheist. He reminded me of Lawrence Krauss and how he so arrogant when he condescends Christians like he did when he debated William Lane Craig. Several years ago Michael Franzese came to my church and gave his testimony of how he got saved and left the Mob. He was great in this movie. And Most of all, Jesus Christ was exalted and glorified as the only hope for a world sinking more and more into darkness.

godseeker@@ 27.10.2017   reply age: 50+   4 reviews

24.10.2017 · Sam R

For historical content, and a peak into Victorian era, film can't be beat! Worth watching!

swordfish@@ 19.10.2017   reply age: 18-25   203 reviews

... and many many more since 1998 :-)
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