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17.1.2017 · Name T.B.A.

The child actor is wonderful and the story line is very compelling. Who wouldn't be drawn in to a child trying to find their biological parents. The images of the homeless children sleeping in the streets were saddening. It is a happy movie despite the sadness!

pilotdnd@@ 15.1.2017   reply - age: 50+   81 reviews

14.1.2017 · Name T.B.A.

What I appreciated in this movie is that we see beyond the actual act of heroism of the pilots and crew. How their reactions were scrutinized by the TBA after the events is for me as instructive as the history of the landing on the Hudson River. Well done.

jojo@@ 11.1.2017   reply - age: 50+   117 reviews

13.1.2017 · Name T.B.A.

The new characters made a splendid splash. The older characters were out of place and no explanations of how things transpired over the last 30 years (this should have been about them FIRST before transitioning completely to the new cast) except for Han Solo who had the same wit and charisma he always had. His look was not what I would've expected as he was sporting the same look from "A New Hope" with gray hair. I was expecting a more gristled look. Starkiller base? Destroyed so quickly, diminished its threat. Kylo Ren mask off so quickly? He was leading an army of the First Order without his training completed. How was he found and saved so quickly as the base was blowing up? Rey fights like a Jedi Master out of nowhere? Baffling to say the least! The second film in this trilogy should bring the answers but quite honestly... it felt like a rushed film. Entertaining but way too many flaws.

stark@@ 5.1.2017   reply - age: 36-49   1st review

11.1.2017 · Christine Moody

Best movie ever? Not in my opinion but if I were a kid this would be in the top 10 and my great nieces loved it. Typical Disney with something for every age. If the children you are bringing are too young or you are not able to talk them through the scary parts, don’t bring them. Like most Disney movies there is a hero and a villain and the child needs to be able to understand one is nothing without the other. The scenery, songs and adventure more than make up for an angry mountain of lava.

moodygirl90@@ 5.1.2017   reply - age: 50+   113 reviews

10.1.2017 · Andy Mathieu

Wow. Amazing true story of a man who refused to carry a weapon cuz of his religious beliefs. His role as a medical, sacrificed his heart and soul to save members of his military team in battle. The combat scenes were gory and frighting to see, similar to Saving Private Ryan. He prayed on the 7th day. At the end of the movie, there were short interviews to those who fought in the war. Totally amazing.

andy@@ 9.1.2017   reply - age: 36-49   134 reviews

7.1.2017 · Robbin Penney

Muddled story that lumbers along until the final majestic battle scene that somewhat makes the whole thing worth watching. I closed my eyes for a short while in the middle and didn't seem to miss anything, perhaps some more editing could have helped. Beware, future worlds are very grimy indeed!

robbinemail@@ 2.1.2017   reply - age: 36-49   152 reviews

4.1.2017 · James Edgar

Superbly done film and acting, it is so realistic in how many families actually lived and raised their children as they handled the every day stresses of life the only way they knew how.

jedgar@@ 3.1.2017   reply - age: 50+   445 reviews

3.1.2017 · Michel Fleury

The action sequences were fine and the story interesting and original in the sense that some of the characters are less camped in the good vs evil category and more in the neutral zone where their intentions and background are not clear cut. I liked that uncertainty in certain characters which makes them unpredictable. What I didn't like was the lack of a time frame generic scene in the beginning that we are used to seeing in Star Wars movies. It gives the viewer an idea of when the action starts and ends compared to the other movies in the franchise. Here the viewer is left to figure it out which he eventually will. The other thing that I didn't care for was the acting. It was emotionless. Most actors recite their lines like robots and don't seem very convinced of their roles in the movie (the jedi Zatoichi clone for example) Bad directing? Possibly. The acting was on the cold side with the result that I couldn't relate to any of them emotionally except Jyn perhaps and even then. Bottom line: the scenario is fine and I would even dare to say one of the best in the series but is unfortunately let down by underwhelming characters and run of the mill acting. I liked it nevertheless.

mike@@ 28.12.2016   reply - age: 36-49   83 reviews

31.12.2016 · Darrell Simpson

I went into this one with fairly low expectations. I don't usually do comedies, however I was quite surprised. In fact I thought it was great. Of course, there are always the few that DON'T read the rating and expect a Sunday School movie and complain. Oh well, you can't change dumb and I'll leave it at that...

drs@@ 25.12.2016   reply - age: 50+   355 reviews

28.12.2016 · Igor Ledovskikh

This is likely the 2nd best movie I've seen so far on my list followed by Interstellar. I put it this way: characters-8; story/design-7; music-8; action/story flow-8; production/camera-work-10 (best I've ever seen, better than any Kubrick movie); I don't have any 10 total film ratings but neither do I have any films rated at less than 4, it takes effort, investment and experience/service to build a film by even worst directors, but that's because they don't understand that the move is not made to make money it's made to support the industry and its affiliates as well as most importantly offer service in a form of entertainment. This movie delivers all the above at the highest level. And yes there is a desert treat at the end of movie with Vader. So if u give this film less than 5 "I will find your lack of acknowledgment disturbing..." remember the force will be with you... Always.


27.12.2016 · Justine Cascanette

I should start off with a disclaimer that I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, I've watched most of the films but wasn't wowed by any of them - the saving grace in the original trilogy was Harrison Ford and as for Rogue One, the saving grace for me was K-2S0. The rest of the characters (other than Bodhi and Chirrut Imwe) I found rather bland and uninspiring. I am glad I saw it though, it was a relaxing way to spend a couple hours and was made enjoyable by the company of a friend. And as always, the musical score did not disappoint!

cascanej@@ 27.12.2016   reply - age: 18-25   72 reviews

24.12.2016 · Euan Fraser Tait

Was actually a pretty meh movie. I'm a huge starwars fan and this movie didn't really do much for me, I felt myself drifting off during the action sequences and I didn't really care at all about any of the characters. Every shot is way to short, there's no gravitas to any of the scenes it just jumps back and forth so rapidly that you start to get bored. They completely messed up Darth Vader, having him do a pun, he doesn't pun, he's a scary dude that's his deal. If this movie wasn't a starwars movie it would be utterly forgettable. You'd be better off watching any of the best trilogy.


23.12.2016 · K Slusher

Super cute. Usual plot holes involved with kid movies. Could perhaps be Kevin Hart's greatest role.


21.12.2016 · Jance Anderson

Such a great movie! It really felt like the originals, but also added a new element of gritty battle scenes and amazing effects. Overall awesome movie, worth the ticket!


20.12.2016 · Curtis Mcquiggin

Would have given it a 10 if it wasn't for the slow start. This was definitely made for the long time fans packed with easter eggs! The battle & fight scenes were really well done, and the ending was incredible. They tied together all loose ends that didn't make sense in a New Hope. My rank best to worst: Empire Strikes Back Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi Rogue One New Hope The Force Awakens Attack of the Clones Phantom Menace


17.12.2016 · A Person

This installment in the Harry Potter Series is a great flick and even if you aren't the biggest fan of Harry Potter anymore (like myself), you will still love it, even though you might not get some references in the movie. Good visual effects, great acting. The only thing that doesn't work sometimes is the camera movement, as it gets kind of confusing. It is worth it to see it in 3d. Very good movie, don't miss it.


16.12.2016 · Ming-Toy Waters

Chastain carries this film well with one of her best performances to date. This political thriller is for grown ups who don't mind things unraveling slowly; who can appreciate the nuances of a story without cgi or other special effects, or bloody, gory violence. The story is interesting with a loud ring of truth about the influence lobbies have on our government.

8 15.12.2016   reply - age: 36-49   3 reviews

14.12.2016 · David Rosen

I did not see this one in theaters, so my sense of the movie is based off of story and characters alone. The visuals were pretty, but the story was pretty basic, the dialogue and the characters are kind of generic. Probably more for kids.


13.12.2016 · Grace Nzambi

While not being the best of the Robert Langdon movies," Inferno" is pretty solid. Although a bit slow to unfold and at times confusing, the movie's plot was -as always- well written and nicely executed by the actors.


10.12.2016 · Michael Tawton

One of the best movies I've seen in months. I mean it's trash, but in a year of rubbish, it's not the worst. Watching Zak and waiting for him to do or say something 'zakkish' is about the only thing worth seeing it for and that's not enough to build a feature film around.

michaelprops@@ 8.12.2016   reply - age: 50+   147 reviews

9.12.2016 · Tim Gould

Would've been better had Hollywood not tried to change history by adding overtly lesbian military characters. That didn't happen in WWII.

trex@@ 7.12.2016   reply - age: 36-49   3 reviews

7.12.2016 · Rod Williamson

Antiseptic and homogenized version of the true story to be sure. This is the Disney feel-good version and was far too flippant to take seriously and that's why the acting/storyline came off feeling peculiar. Sure, the story is predictable and the ending valiant as you would expect but it's the lack of fear, sorrow and anguish that really make it unbelievable in the theater. War is hell and even when people are shot (and miss), the protagonist and antihero are riding on a cloud of fantasy in this retelling. Everything is way too clean, floppy death falls and choreographed action scenes. It truly came off like a cartoon. Even Dick Tracy style Touchstone color coordinated bologna. You end up watching it like a commercial and not actually being engrossed in the film. Maybe next time they might even pick age appropriate actors. The skin hanging from Brad's neck sure gave him away.

syntaxjack@@ 4.12.2016   reply - age: 50+   71 reviews

6.12.2016 · Helen Lepek

I liked this movie. It is basically a court room drama. What I found missing is that I wanted to know more about David Irving and Deborah Lipstadt's backgrounds. It's basically a courtroom drama and interesting because of the differences between the British and American legal systems. I found it compelling; especially, the fact that Holocaust survivors wanted to testify but that would have given David Irving a platform and so it wasn't allowed. Their voice had to be heard indirectly. I had heard of this story, but the film version made it real and nuanced. I think this is worth seeing.

helenl8@@ 2.12.2016   reply - age: 50+   135 reviews

3.12.2016 · Bois Wilson

Much better than I expected. Very funny movie. Ok, premise is pretty dumb and this isn't going to strain the grey matter overly much, but the chemistry between the two "idiots" is compelling. They each spend the whole movie trying to be the bigger fool - by my reckoning it was a tie!

boispw@@ 29.11.2016   reply - age: 50+   114 reviews

29.11.2016 · Luc Laflamme

I very much enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films and when it all ended I was okay only revisiting when I watch the movies or reread the books. I was not excited about this movie and had no intention on going to see it but I am glad my friend dragged me to it. It was good, the CGI was great and Eddie does a fantastic job. I am excited for the next installment.

llme09@@ 23.11.2016   reply - age: 26-35   141 reviews

26.11.2016 · Raymond Deneault

In a normal situation, I leave a movie with a set of emotions that I use to analyse, rate and write a review about it. This time, I left the movie numb and without any emotions. More than two hours later... I still do not know what to think about Arrival.

raymond.erp@@ 22.11.2016   reply - age: 50+   109 reviews

25.11.2016 · Vickie Wilson

This was a great movie! Some of the scenes were more revealing than I expected, but it was a war movie. I think it was done very well. I give it a thumbs up and a must see.

vaw76@@ 13.11.2016   reply - age: 50+   1st review

23.11.2016 · Mel Brown

An unusual film in that all (almost all?) the characters are of Muslim faith yet it was written, produced and directed by Israelis. Not to fear. There was no slitting of throats, rocket attacks, or air raids. If it had been produced elsewhere, it might have been deemed a "drama, romance". The action centers around a family of Bedouins. Although these Bedouins reside on desert sand they are wanderers no more, now dwelling in a home with doors rather than tent flaps. Sand may blow in through the ill-fitting doors, but it's still home. Worship and activities dictate that their society remains religiously patriarchal. The head of the household does try to inject some modernism into his family's life, but old customs are still the mandate. As the household consists of two wives and four daughters, papa's plans are often questioned anyway. The movie could have deteriorated into political propaganda. Yet it focused on a problem similar to one we have here in the West: the male/female relationship. There are layers of interest in the film, an examination of which may create levels of anger and distrust but 'Sand Storm' was educational rather than confrontational, thus any debates should be in similar mode.

maverick@@ 22.11.2016   reply - age: 50+   390 reviews

22.11.2016 · Sylvie Bouchard

Great movie, worth seeing! This movie is about one of the largest oil spill environmental disaster on the planet. It is based on the true events of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the cast give a very strong performance. John Malkovich plays one of the bad guy from British Petroleum. You are mad at these BP managers for almost the entire movie as they purposely failed to prevent this catastrophe in order to save money. The special effects are great! This is a powerful film but the story will infuriate you! This is very educational and a must see!

tigre62@@ 22.11.2016   reply - age: 50+   98 reviews

19.11.2016 · Shirley Donda

It must be very hard to make a movie like this. Mel Gibson in telling the story also showed us different sides to every one's story. How could somebody come back from war and be normal, lots can't. I could never be that brave.

donda@@ 13.11.2016   reply - age: 50+   87 reviews

16.11.2016 · Ron Corbeil

Best sci-fi I've seen in years. Amy Adams is totally convincing, a superb performance. Denis Villeneuve has the remarkable ability not to over or under glaze any scene. Visually captivating. And what about those aliens... captivating!


15.11.2016 · Arshad Khan

Rarely does a film successfully capture the horror of slavery so effectively. It's quite an achievement that Nate Parker stars in and directs this powerful drama. This is a film you will not soon forget. [[There is controversy surrounding the rape allegations against Nate Parker but that judgements lies with the legal establishment and his own conscience.]]


12.11.2016 · Olivier Saint-Laurent

How to describe this movie : light and cute. The main character is uber charismatic in his role as he travels from his country to the foire agricole. Is it worth seeing in theater? Yes and no. It really depends how you feel.

oli@@ 11.11.2016   reply - age: 26-35   171 reviews