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The Princess And The Warrior

Guide for parents: Rated R in the USA, offensive language, sexuality.
Original titleDer Krieger und die Kaiserin
Original lang.German
Run time2h15m
GenreRomantic drama
Directed byTom Tykwer
CompanySony Pictures


They meet for the first time, after a horrible accident, underneath a truck. The sad and angry Bodo (Benno F****rmann), a small time criminal who is always running, from himself as well as the law, and Sissi (Franka Potente), a shy, quiet nurse who works in in a psychiatric clinic. Bodo saves Sissi's life, which is literally hanging by a thread, then disappears without trace. Obsessed by the Incident, Sissi sets out on a mission to find the mysterious stranger, and to discover whether their paths crossed through simple blind chance or the intricate mechanisms of destiny itself.


Franka PotenteSissi
Benno FürmannBodo

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