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I Am the Canadian Delegate


2007. 0h48m. Documentary directed by Wesley Lowe.


I am the Canadian Delegate is a documentary on Douglas Jung (1924-2002), WWII veteran and Canada's first Chinese Canadian Member of Parliament. The story of Douglas Jung mirrors the stories of many Canadian born Chinese from earlier generations. Caught between the world of their parents and the institutional racism of Canada, they belonged to neither the country of their heritage nor the country of their birth.

Born and raised in Victoria, it was hard for young Jung to accept that he had no rights of citizenship. He wanted to prove to Canada that he belonged and thought that serving in WWII would show his commitment. However, BC was rejecting Chinese for the military so he went east to volunteer. There he was recruited by the British Special Operations Executive to be part of Operation Oblivion, an operation so named because there was little expectation of survival.

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