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Romeo Is Bleeding

Total score  9.0


1993. 1h40m. Dramatic thriller directed by Peter Medak.


Detective Jack Grimaldi takes us through his shattered life after encountering the most deadly (and deceptive) criminal he has ever had to deal with. It doesn't help that Grimladi is playing both sides against the middle. When he encounters Demarkov he thinks he can play her as he has all the other women in his life...including his wife. But Demarkov knows Jack better than he knows himself. She plays him mercilessly, all the while threatening to kill him when she tires of the game.


Gary OldmanJack Grimaldi
Wallace WoodWaiter
Juliette LewisSheri
Will PattonMartie
Michael WincottSal
Lena OlinMona Demarkov
James CromwellCage
Annabella SciorraNatalie Grimaldi
Roy ScheiderDon Falcone
Ron PerlmanJack's Attorney
Dennis FarinaNick Gazzara

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