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    23.2.2024 · Name to be confirmed

    “The Zone of Interest”

    The subtitles were not a problem, they only enhance the picture... this movie makes you think as it deals with the family life of commandant Hoss, the longest serving commandant of Austwitz concentration camp... while dealing with the family life you can see the smoke from the camp chimneys, the smoke from the trains arriving, the gun shot sounds in the background as the family life continued... occasionally there are crowds of German officers at birthday celebrations and meetings to discuss camp operations... It haunts you for some time after seeing... recommended as it makes you think and picture whats really gong on behind the "wall".

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    union72@  5.2.2024 age: 50+   6 reviews

    16.2.2024 · Ben Cloutier

    “The Beekeeper”

    The BeeKeeper will keep you on your toes from start to finish! Amazing fast paced movie that truly reminds me of Man on Fire! SOLID 10/10.

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    tiesto.guy@  10.2.2024 age: 36-49   2 reviews

    9.2.2024 · Anthony Sin


    Low budget films face an uphill battle. They don’t have the resources that their well-funded major studio counterparts have during production, and whatever money they are able to scrape together is usually gone when shooting wraps or perhaps beforehand. This is why advertising is rare for small movies, so they need to have a hook of some kind to get attention.

    An A-list star or high-profile director or producer would certainly help a film stand out amongst the dozens of releases we now see every month. In the case of VFW, their ‘big names’ unfortunately won’t resonate with a general audience. Fans of Don’t Breathe and Avatar will know Stephen Lang while cult cinema aficionados may recognize director Joe Begos, but using their names to advertise a movie isn’t going to sell millions of tickets or DVDs.

    What a modest production like VFW needs to attract an audience is a decent title. Veterans vs. Gangsters or The Last Drug War are far more descriptive than a set of initials and give moviegoers an idea of what to expect. In a list of film titles, three letters say nothing at all except to those who happen to know what they stand for, so the movie’s prospects of finding viewers are really limited by a title that’s easy to ignore.

    For those wanting to know what the acronym means, patience will be required as the film doesn’t reveal that until well into its second act. One of the antagonists eventually mentions that VFW stands for ‘Veterans of Foreign Wars’, which is a real life organization for soldiers who fought in overseas conflicts. What the movie doesn’t mention but implies is that locations where veterans gather, such as the bar in which most of the action takes place, are also called VFWs.

    Before director Joe Begos gets to the explanation for the title, he introduces a night club run by the drug-dealing Boz (Travis Hammer), a leather-clad gang leader. We know right away he’s the main antagonist because he abuses his power over addicts who are hooked on a particularly potent narcotic called Hype. The drug reduces users to a feral state, making people behave like rabid animals. When a disenchanted follower, Lizard (Sierra McCormick), steals from Boz and flees to the nearby VFW, the gang leader unleashes his legion of ‘Hypers’ to reclaim his property and take down anyone who gets in the way.

    Many outlets refer to VFW as a horror film, and the behaviour of the horde definitely makes a case for that categorization. The Hypers don’t speak, simply snarling and gnashing their teeth as they charge at their quarry. Most of Begos’s movie plays like a zombie siege film as the heroes attempt to fortify and defend their watering hole against the crazed attackers.

    VFW also earns its horror stripes with some extreme violence. Impaling, severing of limbs, and exploding heads will delight fans of gore and further cement the film’s place as a midnight movie. Begos is clearly influenced by films of the ’80s when practical effects ruled all of cinema, and the director uses them liberally to give his movie a very visceral touch that has yet to be equalled by digital effects.

    This is not to say that VFW is wall-to-wall action. The film spends time with the veterans who see their evening’s plans derailed, giving them a trait or two to help viewers connect with the characters. Fred (Stephen Lang) is the proprietor of the VFW and taking charge comes easily to him. Walter (William Sadler) likes a good joke and isn’t afraid to get up close when the fighting starts. Lou (Martin Cove) prefers to haggle his way out of difficulties which would explain why he became a used car salesman. Doug (David Patrick Kelly) is fiercely loyal to his friends while Abe (Fred Williamson) loves sharing war stories. These old soldiers enjoy drinking in each other’s company and are easy to get behind even if they are caricatures.

    Where the film stumbles is in its depiction of the setting and the Hypers. We learn at the outset that the film takes place in a dystopian near future where gangs and drug users dominate the city, and the police are too afraid to intervene. Boz’s club with its decrepit interior and drug-addled users suggests that a wasteland lies beyond the doors. Instead, we see Walter and Fred driving to the VFW, scanning rundown streets that look very much like old neighbourhoods that are ripe for gentrification. The movie may at the beginning hint at a city in ruins like in Escape From New York or Omega Man, but we end up with very familiar urban areas that could do with a facelift.

    As for the Hypers, they’re supposed to be a zombie-like army, mindless and utterly savage. They behave that way until the veterans need to be lulled into a false sense of security. Rather than mill about the exits to the VFW, the Hypers remain quiet and out of sight when the former soldiers attempt to sneak out. This strategy dispels the illusion of the addicts being unthinking beasts. We also rarely see more than a handful of Hypers together, which doesn’t make them much of a horde. While VFW was released in early 2020, it was finished before COVID-19 restrictions came into effect, so the lack of extras can’t be blamed on the virus.

    As a siege film, VFW is adequate but doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It often feels like a movie that’s reaching beyond its grasp and could stand to edit out some details, such as the society-on-the-verge-of-collapse setting. VFW entertains during its intense moments but is ultimately empty calories that leave you craving something more filling.

    Score: 5.5/10; Streamed on 2023-Mar-15.

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    asin1939@  22.1.2024 age: 36-49   950 reviews

    2.2.2024 · Chris Connell

    “The Holdovers”

    Great movie! Another great Alexander Payne movie. I'm sure this will gain more of a cult following once released on all platforms.

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    conju30@  12.1.2024 age: 26-35   36 reviews

    26.1.2024 · Richard Turko


    An exciting and at times edge-of-the-seat movie. This is a heroic and heartfelt story that is a must see for dog lovers.

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    rtmoviefan@  12.1.2024 age: 50+   12 reviews

    19.1.2024 · Janek Kuchmistrz

    “The Iron Claw”

    This is an excellent story, based on the real life wrestling family Von Erich -- there are terrific performances by the father but especially by the son Kevin.

    You perceive the constant striving all the brothers had to win their father's love - but never quite succeeding with a Dad that ranked his sons in his affection! Yup, crazy parenting - the Mom too only appeared to cook meals, wash clothes and did not actually show love or caring, telling her son Kevin to "work it out" with his father, she never got involved.
    The father's life long obsession with the world championship of wrestling- unable to achieve his personal dream- made him so oblivious to how he was destroying the lives around him.
    Really a truly compelling film on many levels and worth watching. The wrestling was great to watch too if you'd ever been a past fan!

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    axelboot@  30.12.2023 age: 50+   35 reviews

    12.1.2024 · Barb Daviduk

    “The Marvels”

    It was a Marvel movie that had all the essential elements... story line... strong characters fun and entertaining... leaving at the end of movie with a smile.

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    a.mom.too@  2.1.2024 age: 50+   26 reviews

    5.1.2024 · Rod Cloutier

    “Godzilla Minus One”

    Usually for these kinds of monster movies they never show the consequences of the destruction on people. This film did show the consequence, the pain, the loss, the horror.

    It was a Godzilla move with a play, with a decent screenplay, good acting and competent actors.

    Worth the watch.

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    cloutierfamily@  24.12.2023 age: 50+   95 reviews

    29.12.2023 · Christina Larson

    “Anyone But You”

    This is about the best RomCom I've seen in years! It's laugh out loud hilarious... and a few scenes just steal the show! Images in my mind continue... REALLY well done!

    2 people liked.  
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    chris@  23.12.2023 age: 50+   15 reviews

    22.12.2023 · Andre Chartrain

    “Poor Things”

    Emma Stone is fascinating to watch. She is already nominated for a Golden Globe award. This is a movie I would watch again.

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    anton@  17.12.2023 age: 50+   7 reviews

    15.12.2023 · Gene Gapsis

    “Killers of the Flower Moon”

    While technically this movie was excellent, I feel it really missed the mark by telling this story from the persective of the white man, rather than that of the Osage. Their outrage and desperation were barely touched upon, or Scorsese just totally missed what could have inspired or drawn me in emotionally. The depth of depravity and greed was almost incomprehensible in a man like DeCaprio's character, who supposedly loved his wife and children, but whose lust for wealth, and the manipulation by his uncle were almost unbelievable in contrast, except for the fact his wife did acknowledge he was not very smart. I came away from this ridiculously long movie without having been touched in a tangible or significant way. I almost dreaded seeing it because I thought I would be deeply affected emotionally, but alas, nada. Perhaps the attention to the spectacle, the excess, just detracted from the powerful movie it could have been.

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    waterborne@  6.12.2023 age: 50+   16 reviews

    8.12.2023 · Michelle De Jong

    “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”

    Hunger Games fans will enjoy!

    Go in with an open mind and I believe you will enjoy this film. I just finished reading the book before seeing, so I tried to not hyper-compare which made it more enjoyable.

    Rachel Zegler's voice is beautiful and she fit the character of Lucy Gray well. Tom Blyth did a fantastic job of playing Coriolanus Snow, showcasing the emotions I felt reading the book.

    I know there are no other novels in the works, which will probably mean no film sequels, but I'm left wanting MORE!

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    mimmi118_@  27.11.2023 age: 36-49   5 reviews

    1.12.2023 · Peter A. De Vita

    “The Very Late Afternoon of a Faun”

    Quite an interesting Czech comedy from 1983 about a full-time bachelor who thinks of nothing but the conquest of one female after another even though it often seems that his failures quite outnumber his successes. This doesn't deter the Don Juan from his constant need for sex but strikingly the film eventually takes on a more serious tone as the young man begins to age and contemplates mortality. This clever, funny film strangely almost becomes a morality play.

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    pietroantoni@  28.11.2023 age: 36-49   14499 reviews

    24.11.2023 · Jean Dukacz

    “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”

    Such a sweet and funny movie! The only part that made no sense is when Ian was at the door receiving gifts from the locals and said nothing. In 20 years of marriage to a Greek girl, he never learned how to say Hello, Good Bye, or Thank You in Greek? Other than that, I loved the movie. It was very uplifting.

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    yowjd@  4.11.2023 age: 50+   11 reviews

    17.11.2023 · Shane Pecknold

    “The Creator”

    As a serious fan of sci-fi stories about AI, this satisfied my expectations. Visually spectacular and beautifully rendered special effects. Soundtrack was also on point. Not just an action movie with a complicated main character, it uses sci-fi as a medium for social commentary. The only fault I might concede is the point was maybe a little too obvious, but still an important message.

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    sumoshane@  1.11.2023 age: 36-49   19 reviews

    10.11.2023 · Laurie Allen

    “Killers of the Flower Moon”

    The book was so great - hard to match but did enjoy it - although a bit too long - all in all just such an important true story to be made aware of.

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    laurie@  8.11.2023 age: 50+   11 reviews

    3.11.2023 · Alex Lee

    “We Summon the Darkness”

    3 girls on their way to a metal concert meet up with 3 guys going to the same show. All the meanwhile satanic murders are taking place across America. What follows is a sloppy turn of events and an attempt or two at some twists that dont really add much to the story or entertainment value. The girls are pleasant enough to look at especially Alexandra Daddario and the guys are likeable enough to care about them. All in all this movie could've been much better. Its plagued with your typical bad decision making that most characters make in horror movies but worse than that it has very little gore, very few scares and no nudity at all. Wasn't much of a horror movie but was still a decent flick.

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    al_luk@  16.10.2023 age: 36-49   780 reviews

    27.10.2023 · Adriana McEnaney

    “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”

    What have I been missing all these 17 years of her career! I brought my little sister to see this and I came out a Swiftie Fan! Throughout her concert I found myself saying WOW so many times. I even clapped as if I was part of the concert audience. This was a phenomenal experience and I’m bowled over at her prolific songwriting and storytelling prowess! I highly recommend even if you’re not a fan… but you will be after watching this!

    One person liked.  
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    adriekins@  24.10.2023 age: 50+   24 reviews

    20.10.2023 · Andrew Kormanik

    “Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person”

    Just got back from seeing it tonight in French with English subtitles. It's not really the horror movie (body count is low and mostly off screen but with solid sound effects and foley) like I was expecting based on the trailer but it was a very good fantasy drama with an ending that sent most of the theatre home happy.

    It's a well made film that takes a few risks, does a few homages classics while still keeping that quasi Quebec Indy film vibe. Thanks to some great performances and script you could believe the vampires and the dynamic. Recommended if you like fantasy elements with your young adult drama and humanoid based vampires trying to find their own place in the world.

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    docgui@  15.10.2023 age: 36-49   2 reviews

    13.10.2023 · Francois Muc

    “Les hommes de ma mère”

    Bon film; doux, sensible et sympathique. Bon jeu des comédiens. Un film au rythme lent qui s'écoute bien!

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    francoismuc@  1.10.2023 age: 36-49   674 reviews

    6.10.2023 · Bruce Pretty

    “The Complete Metropolis”

    I vaguely remember this movie as some sort of audio-visual psychedelic experience back in the 70s. It may have been attached to some modern music at the time.
    With this restored version of the Roaring 20s non-talky classic, there appeared a complex plot.
    It addresses some of the same concerns we have today about Artificial Intelligence and powerful influencers.

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    bruneaujolie@  24.9.2023 age: 50+   16 reviews

    29.9.2023 · Joe Wawrzyniak

    “Yongary, Monster from the Deep”

    This low-budget Korean copy of Godzilla proves to be a good deal of infectiously goofy fun. The plot centers on a gigantic, fire-breathing, ill-tempered prehistoric monster called Yongary that's awakened from its centuries of slumber by an earthquake and subsequently embarks on a lengthy destructive spree: The behemoth beast tramples tanks, levels bridges, swats at helicopters as if they were large pesky flies, guzzles oil by the drum load, knocks over buildings, blows up fighter jets, and generally causes a lot of mass panic and hysteria. In one especially gut-busting scene, Yongary appears to get down and boogie to groovy rock music (!). The (not so) special effects are every bit as laughably lousy and unconvincing as one could hope for. The expected awful English dubbing further adds to the abundant unintentional hilarity. An absolute kitschy hoot.

     Like  Reply
    joe-the-movie-dude@  10.9.2023 age: 50+   1076 reviews

    22.9.2023 · Suzanne Bouclin


    Overrated. Pretentious. Self-important. The study of a narcissist told in a painfully long and often incomprehensible format. Also: simultaneously too loud during the peek scenes and not loud enough during key dialogue.

    5 people liked.  
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    suzanne@  15.9.2023 age: 36-49   7 reviews

    15.9.2023 · Claire Lalonde

    “The Equalizer 3”

    The Italian/Sicilian mountains/ocean landscape was worthy of a holiday dream. Of course Denzel Washington's character was charismatic - and efficient... The young blond CIA agent was annoying (for me) however. Loved this sequel.

    2 people liked.  
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    claire@  4.9.2023 age: 50+   5 reviews

    8.9.2023 · Monika Quinn


    Every minute is engrossing. Excellent performances. Fascinating story. Definitely worth watching.

     Like  Reply
    catwalk@  30.8.2023 age: 50+   29 reviews

    ... and many more happy winners since 1998 :-)