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    Dans une galaxie près de chez vous

    Poster of the movie Dans une galaxie près de chez vous
    2004     Sci-fi comedy    
    1h 49min
    Original language: French

    The year is 2035. The Earth's ozone layer has been completely depleted by carbon dioxide emissions from cars and chemical industries, and the planet is now baking under a pitiless sun. As a result, six billion people need a new home. Captain Charles Patenaude and his crew set off aboard the spaceship Romano Fafard to fulfill this mission. Their journey takes them to the outermost reaches of the universe - and into all sorts of crazy and wonderful adventures.

    Directed byClaude Desrosiers
    Written byPierre-Yves Bernard, Claude Legault
    CompanyTVA FilmsTVA FilmsTVA Films


    Guy Jodoin
    Stéphane Crête
    Claude Legault
    Sylvie Moreau
    Didier Lucien
    Réal Bossé
    François Papineau
    Patrice Coquereau
    Fanny Mallette
    James Hyndman
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