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    Faith Based

    Poster of the movie Faith Based
    2020     Comedy    
    1h 32min

    Faith Based is the story of two friends looking for a little direction in life who discover the Christian film industry might just be the get rich quick scheme of their dreams. But when they realize they don't actually know much about Christianity, and even less about filmmaking, making "A Prayer in Space" (the story of the first prayer ever to be prayed... in space!) suddenly seems like a lot more work than they imagined. With new relationships and old misunderstandings driving them apart, can they finish the movie and save not only their friendship, but the church they convinced to fund their movie?

    Directed byVincent Masciale
    Written byLuke Barnett
    CompanyGravitas VenturesGravitas VenturesGravitas Ventures


    Luke Barnett
    Tanner Thomason
    Lance Reddick
    Jason Alexander
    David Koechner
    Richard Riehle
    Chris Marquette
    Danielle Nicolet
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    Clip: Four things

    3 years ago


    Photo from the movie Faith Based

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