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    Fatal Beauty

    Poster of the movie Fatal Beauty
    1987     Action thriller    
    1h 44min

    A lethal drug called 'Fatal Beauty' has hit the mean streets of Los Angeles and Rita Rizzoli, the city's toughest undercover cop, ain't havin' any of it on her beat! Against direct orders from her boss, Rita goes on a rampage against the drug lord responsible, wielding both her mighty gun and her wicked tongue. And to get close to the enemy, Rita targets Mike Marshak, the drug kingpin's rugged and handsome bodyguard. And she doesn't know whether to kill him or kiss him!

    Directed byTom Holland
    Written byBill Svanoe, Hilary Henkin, Dean Riesner


    Whoopi Goldberg
    Sam Elliott
    Rubén Blades
    Harris Yulin
    Brad Dourif
    Mark Pellegrino
    Cheech Marin
    M.C. Gainey
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