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    Frankie Drake Mysteries

    Poster of the movie Frankie Drake Mysteries
    TV Series    2017     Criminal drama    

    Set in 1920s Toronto, the series follows the adventures of Frankie Drake and her partner Trudy Clarke at Drake Private Detectives, the city's only all-female detective agency, as they find themselves fighting crime in the age of flyboys, gangsters, rum-runners, and speakeasies.

    CompanyOvationCanadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)


    Lauren Lee Smith
    Chantel Riley
    Wendy Crewson
    Steve Lund
    Laura Vandervoort
    Jodelle Ferland
    Justin Kelly
    Melanie Scrofano
    Oluniké Adeliyi
    Noam Jenkins
    Laurence Fox
    Charlotte Sullivan
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