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    Hindi poster of the movie Saagar
    1985     Romantic drama    
    3h 6min
    Original language: Hindi

    In a small fishing village live childhood friends, Mona D'Silva (Dimple Kapadia), and Raja (Kamaal Hasan). Mona and her dad Mr. D'Silva (Saeed Jaffrey) run a small restaurant. Raja has no family but treats Miss Joseph (Nadira) as his mother. He plans to marry Mona one day, but is afraid to tell her of his love for her. When wealthy Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) comes to live with his grandmother, Kamladevi (Madhur Jaffrey), he sees Mona and falls in love with her. They meet and Mona also reciprocates his love. Raja is devastated by this, but does not tell anyone, except Miss Joseph of his pain and sorrow. When Kamladevi finds out that Ravi is seeing Mona, she instructs him not to see her anymore as she would prefer him marrying someone who has equal status and wealthy. Ravi refuses to obey her, and Kamladevi begins her plan that would threaten the livelihood of all the fishermen in the village, thereby putting pressure on Mona to give up the love of Ravi and marry someone else. In order to save the village from devastation, Mona must choose between Ravi and the well-being of the villagers.

    Directed byRamesh Sippy
    Written byJaved Akhtar


    Rishi Kapoor
    Kamal Haasan
    Dimple Kapadia
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