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    Sweating Bullets

    Poster of the movie Sweating Bullets
    TV Series    1991     Action drama    

    When Nick Slaughter loses his job at the DEA, he takes his keen investigative mind and healthy libido down to the tropical paradise of Key Mariah, Florida, where there's a seemingly endless supply of sunshine, women, and crime. Once there, he meets Sylvie Girard, a local travel agent, who helps Nick run his private detective agency. Together they form a strong friendship and a crack detective team



    Rob Stewart
    Carolyn Dunn
    Mia Kirshner
    Clark Johnson
    Kelly Rowan
    Rachel Weisz
    Andrea Roth
    Michael Sarrazin
    Yannick Bisson
    David Hewlett
    Linda Thorson
    Brett Halsey
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