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    The Magnificent Seven

    Poster of the movie The Magnificent Seven
    TV Series    1998     Western    

    The seven men include their embittered leader, a former gun-for-hire seeking redemption; a sharpshooter and bounty hunter; a former slave who becomes a healer; a young and cocky Eastern-bred idealist; a smooth-talking con-artist; a womanizing gunslinger; and a former priest turned eccentric prophet. With each episode, their legend grows through their heroic tales of friendship, loyalty and justice.

    Directed byChristopher Cain


    Eric Close
    Michael Biehn
    Ron Perlman
    Laurie Holden
    Robert Vaughn
    Michelle Phillips
    Lola Glaudini
    Marisa Coughlan
    Bruce McGill
    John Cho
    John Hawkes
    Brad Dourif
    M.C. Gainey
    Joanne Baron
    Stephen McHattie
    Ed Lauter
    Tzi Ma
    Peter Firth
    Kurtwood Smith
    Kay Lenz
    Tyne Daly
    Tony Burton
    Lenny von Dohlen
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