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Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould

Original lang.English / French
CountriesCanada, Netherlands, Portugal
Run time1h38m
GenreMusical drama
Directed byFrançois Girard
CompanyTéléfilm CanadaTéléfilm CanadaTéléfilm Canada


The highly acclaimed and famously eccentric classical pianist Glenn Gould is the subject of this idiosyncratic film portrait. As the title suggests, Gould's life is explored through a series of thirty-two self-contained but interrelated vignettes, a structure inspired by Bach's "Goldberg Variations," the compositions that were the basis for one of Gould's most famous recordings. Fictional recreations, many starring an excellent Colm Feore as Gould, follow the musician from his precocious childhood to his early death at the age of fifty. Juicy biographical details like a surprising early retirement from public performance and an addiction to prescription drugs are featured prominently, but equal attention is paid to Gould's challenging theoretical ideas.


Colm Feore
Derek Keurvorst
Don McKellar
Carlo Rota

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