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    Our Happy Winners

    20.5.2022 ·

    “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”

    It's a CLASSIC! A little slow at first, but gets going.
    Got to see the movie that started them all.

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    drdiva@  19.5.2022 19.5.2022   age: 36-49   1st review

    29.4.2022 · Xiao Yao

    “The Northman”

    When 'Hamlet' meets 'the Scottish play'... (well definitely contains more bloodiness than Joel Coen's take on the latter.) Great visual storytelling. A film made for the big screen. In a way resembles 'The Green Knight', but with an extra pump of energy and actions, and visibly a bigger budget.

    Highly laudable work. Eggers continues putting his voice in his sword, and some sharp blade that sword has.

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    onomnomnom@  24.4.2022 age: 26-35   10 reviews

    18.3.2022 · Ginny Scott


    Really enjoyed the movie, lots of action and first movie I have seen Tom Holland in, he will become a great new star and of coarse anything Mark Wahlberg is in is good, would watch again, hope for a sequel.

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    gls513@  18.3.2022 age: 50+   2 reviews

    11.2.2022 · Normand Parisien

    “Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre”

    Présenté dans le cadre du Mois de l’histoire des Noirs, ce documentaire nous présente une page peu élogieuse de l’histoire américaine. Ce qui s’est passé à Tulsa (Oklahoma) est inimaginable. Des suprématistes blancs se sont attaqués à leurs concitoyens de race noire le 31 mai 1921. Ça tirait en tous sens, les habitations et commerces étaient incendiés, les femmes violées, etc.

    On nous raconte que Tulsa était prospère à cause des revenus pétroliers ( Black Wall Street) et que la population de race noire en profitait : les émeutes raciales ont tout gâté. Ça s’est passé voilà 100 ans, mais pour le mouvement Black Lives Matter le passé et le présent peuvent se ressembler. La police n’est pas intervenue, les pompiers non plus, et personne n’a été condamné pour ces actes en 1921. J’ignorais tout de cet incident raciste bien que je suis conscient que le racisme est un démon dans la société américaine.

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    h2o_@  9.2.2022 age: 50+   1860 reviews

    28.1.2022 · Dr Frank Willis

    “The 355”

    It was an exciting, high energy action movie. While it took time to identify the different trials each woman went through, it showed an amazing strength and resilience! The ladies chose the right path even though it was not the easiest!
    8 of 10.

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    docwillis.org@  10.1.2022 age: 50+   124 reviews

    31.12.2021 · Stephen R Krause

    “The Tender Bar”

    I enjoyed the film and may even see it a second time. The story is based on a memoir by J. R. Moehringer -- a journalist and feature writer for various newspapers -- who recounts his time growing up with a single mother in New York and spending time and learning about life from his Uncle Charlie, who ran a neighborhood bar.

    It's a sweet, easy-going film that held my interest throughout, except for one or two very brief moments where it seemed to drag a titch.

    The entire cast delivered stellar performances, including Affleck (Uncle Charlie), Lilly Rabe (who plays the mother), Christopher Lloyed (the grandfather) and Daniel Ranieri and Tye Sheridan, who play the younger and older version of J. R.

    Of all the movies I've seen this year, I'd rank The Tender Bar within the top 8 or 10.

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    steve@  31.12.2021 age: 50+   37 reviews

    7.12.2021 · Gail Toca


    Definitely an indie/artsy film! It’s a slow-burn but there’s still a lot of layers and symbolism to appreciate. I really liked their overall portrayal and visualization of someone feeling trapped and suffocated. Kirsten’s acting was superb.

    One person liked.  
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    gtoca@  5.12.2021 age: 13-17   4 reviews

    3.12.2021 · Fairlie Taylor


    I was expecting much more action in this movie. I found myself waiting for a big climax that never came. Not a total waist of time but low key.

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    fairlietaylor@  1.12.2021 age: 50+   35 reviews

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