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phl222@ wrote:

If I could give this film 12 out of 10 I would, but I can't. Simply put, this film ranks among the very best I have ever seen in my life. And in looking at some of the other reviews, I am not alone in this view either. So just what makes it so good? For starters its honesty. It rips away the veneer of pretense that shrouds human life, and does so not with a lot of words, but through the body language of dance. But not just any dance. This is raw, guttural animal instinct on display, exposing the side of our nature we prefer to keep hidden from the kids and from ourselves in the stuffiness of our polite society, which compared to the Victorian era isn't all that stuffy to start with. And yet it still is. This film brings choreography into the natural world in a way that is so novel, it melts the barriers we erect between contexts, revealing to the viewer what's really going on in the human world on another level. It's a mirror into the human soul really. So get ready to see your reflection. It just might make you a little bit freer.


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