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Act of Valor

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acvideocreator@ wrote:

Critics have complained of stilted acting : Yep there is, but keep in mind that half the cast are real Navy SEALS, not trained actors. Unoriginal plot line : From what I understand they were trying to come up with a real world scenario, something the SEALS would actually do - not the plot for the next James Bond movie. Cliche elements to the story - yep I get it - but sometimes reality can be cliche. Also, again these are not veteran actors, they probably kept things simple for that reason. This movie is a long commercial for the SEALS - yep - why else would the SEALS cooperate to the level they did? There are problems with this movie, but I understand what the filmmakers were trying to do Finally, you can argue about the politics behind the decision for military action, but you must respect the soldiers that we ask to put their lives on the line for their country... and they do it.


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