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maryjanek@ wrote:

I consider myself to be what you would call an "amateur" historian in all regards Titanic. I have been studying this tragedy for over 30 years and I am currently 39... when I was nine years old I saw the black and white movie "A Night to Remember" and I was hooked in from that moment on. I have read dozens upon dozens of books about this. At one point about 15 years ago I had the largest Titanic newsletter community on the internet and held onto that until just a couple of years ago when a hacker got in and destroyed it. I had over 135,000 members in the group and it stayed active until the day it simply vanished. Yahoo groups said that they had several large scale groups that were completely deleted and sadly mine was one of them. The worst part of this is all the information that we had collected for over 15 years, as a group, from people all over the world was forever erased thousands of friendships were lost. Just thought you might find this interesting... now onto the reviews! In regards to this movie, I had to take TWO points off. First, the love story does nothing for me. I mean I know that there has to be some kind of make believe story... got to keep the teenagers interested in the movie and enjoy and hopefully learn the historical aspects at the same time... Myself, I was ALL about the historical aspects of the movie. The Jack and Rose story is mostly untrue... I say mostly as there really was a Jack Dawson on board that worked in the boiler rooms, sadly he was unable to make his way underneath an airtight door before it fully closed, the person in front of him survived the sinking and was able to tell of what happened to a man named "Jack Dawson". I have gone to great lengths to find out if James Cameron knew that his character "Jack" was an actual person... I have found no information to say that he was aware of this while creating the movie, he said in an interview that it was not until during the second week of the movie being seen on the big screen that he had a friend tell him about the real Jack Dawson... The Second reason I took two points off was because of the outright blatant lie about what happened to First Officer Murdock! He did NOT shoot himself in the head. Testimonies in court in the following months after the disaster had some passengers and crew that told their accounts of what happened to Officer Murdock and in all cases, it was pretty much the same story: He was seen helping a lady and her child into a lifeboat that was only about 20% full. Tragically, both mother and baby died from hyperthermia. The deck-man sitting in the upper part of the lifeboat tried to pull Murdock in but was unsuccessful. Murdock wanted to try and save as many as he could. With the Titanic completely gone and on its two and a half hour decent to the bottom of the ocean, Murdock was not to be seen again until a fisherman's boat was to come across him floating int he water almost two weeks after the disaster. So, WHY did James Cameron choose to have Murdock shoot himself in the head? Murdock was a hero. Cameron had his small handful of fictional characters that he could do with as he saw fit. I know that ancestors of Officer Murdock had a few words for Mr. Cameron! Besides what I've wrote above, The movie was phenomenal! The special effects were amazing and when historical parts were being shown I was on the edge of my seat. Oh and YES, I DID indeed cry when Jack died and when old Rose died... or wait... maybe she was just sleeping... that end of the story is totally left for our own imaginations!


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