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    Voyage to Betterment

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    darlene@ wrote:


    If you have ever wondered about the "power of your mind" and its ability to heal your entire being, this documentary will open your eyes and give you the courage to believe in yourself and perhaps other modalities of healing. We heal ourselves from the inside out, if you already do this, then this movie will affirm what you already know to be true and help you continue on a path of greatness. The balance of conventional medicine with alternative medicine is gaining momentum and if you are a person that is afraid to believe in such things, let this movie of real persons guide you to possibility of a life of 'betterment". Congrats Windsorite: Andrew Facca, a creative and realistic way to open people's minds to the powers that lie within us and the small, tiny steps/changes we can take that will impact our lives to help us get to where we want to be. A creative portrait of the power of the way media influences us and how we can transform ourselves if we just listen to our inner voices. Wonderful, realistic and inspiring! Thank you for your timely effort.

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