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Le Lorax v.f.

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johnniemacd@ wrote:

The movie delivers on everything you expect it to have. A happy ending. A "bad" guy. A moral. A few mediocre and forgettable songs. The little ones might be a bit confused about the Onceler, whose character is ambiguous. In the book we don't know much about him, aside from his greed. In the movie, he starts off "good"-coming from a "bad" family, then greed takes over and he's "bad," and then he is forgiven by the Lorax/Jesus/Suess who comes from above, and embraces the Onceler after he gives the seed to Ted and a new forest is beginning to grow. The namesake of the movie, the Lorax, is a grumpy old fella, that can forgive the Onceler for ruining the lives of many. But really it's Ted who should be commended, and rewarded for his heroic efforts. Sure wish the motive for Ted wasn't merely to get a girl. Overall, the movie is disappointing because it could've been more. Instead it succumbs to using old and tired plots, regurgitated in a new colourful movie. I'm sure lots of families will come out from the movie theatres feeling positive about Ted's success, as they drive home in their SUV's to their homes in the suburbs, after devouring a mixture of over-priced oil-drenched popcorn and sugary drinks, without having ever thought of how those products came to be.


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