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srigg@ wrote:

187 is a movie that haunts you if your a student in an upscale urban neighborhood, anywhere else than Los Anglelo's!!! The thought of having to go to school everyday in a climate like that of 187 should scare the daylights out of any highschool student that "Has it made" in a private, or rather well kept public school in say... Kentucky? The movie is shot in a grainy but necessary look to give the viewer the sense that it's alway's uncomfortable. Perhaps the blending of the grainy nature and the obivious heat index that is evident in the film. It's these types of tricks of the trade that general audience members do not pick up on immediatley, but feel it in thier gut as thier viewing the film. Samuel Jackson is his self, simply wonderful, and you do feel for his charachter that is truely trying to make a difference with less than desirable conditions. Dave Childress is the movies most intrigueing charachter. What we see on the surface of his charachter is a somewhat laid back teacher, and for a reason. He's been there done that, and is ready at any moment to shoot these punks, should the chance presnt its self. Though we see him displaying his firearms in what most gun enthusiast would seem rather exploitative of the real gun owner in America. There is a sense that what the teacher is doing is right, even though we know it's cold murder, it's pleasing to our sense of retaliation against what most would consider worthless sperm donations anyway. It's obvious that the tail is no longer wagging the dog at this point, and the audience is taken into another relm of thier own personal ethics, morals, and the sense of right and wrong in a war zone. And, this is exactly what this is, a War Zone!!!


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