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angelicjc99@ wrote:

Movies like this are rare - thematically complex, well-scripted, morally charged and beautifully executed on all levels. You leave knowing why it won the Oscar for best Foreign Film (although I believe Canada's Incendies is every bit as deserving.) The acting of the adults and the children are simply a wonder to behold. Cinematography is simply sumptuous. The only quibble for me is the story skirts the edge of unbelievability in the roles of the young boys and only this prevents it from being a 10. The pacing of the movie is languid and it allows the introspection of each character to give you a sense of the moral dilemmas faced and the gravitas of each differing response a character makes from his/her moral compass. Every directorial scene fade or dissolve leaves behind a new moral question left unanswered or left to be explored again later in greater depth. A riveting story from the beginning to the end with no particular character left without some character deficiency affecting their ability to stand uncompromised. The grace notes of forgiveness and reconciliation give pause for a more hopeful future.


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