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Peur grise

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nwaikikai@ wrote:

If you're thinking this is an action flick, you'd be wrong - sort of. The movie is actually surprisingly philosophical, which seems to be its main interest. The terrible jeopardy the characters of the movie are in seem meant simply to exaggerate the philosphical elements of the film. Questions about purpose of life, meeting death, the existence of God, moral values, etc. get a rough and rather superficial treatment through the events of the movie. The lame, shallow, and excessively foul-mouthed reasoning offered by the characters is about what you'd expect from a bunch of "rig pigs." I appreciate the attempt to dig deeper into the important question of life, but the results of doing so in this film are predictably pathetic. And the final, bitter irony at the end of the film just left me shaking my head at the message of utter futility and useless desperation purveyed by it. There are much better stories to engage your mind. Go see them instead!


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